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Commercial HVAC Services San Jose CA

Alex Hult

"I own a few restaurants and have used RR lately and they have done a great job. Highly recommend"

Stacey Breyer

"Friendly staff, knowledgeable techs, they were out the same day I called - which is so important for restaurant businesses! Great cold side repair company!"

Daisy Loi

"Just amazing! We had to replace a condensing unit. The technicians came in and installed it all in one day. They were very professional and quick. Thank you so much for your help."

Repair, Installation & Maintenance

Air Conditioning Service nearby San Jose

From maintenance to replacement and installation, we are specialists in the environmental needs of large buildings and facilities. We are the most trusted air conditioning service in San Jose CA. We can service all air conditioning components used in commercial businesses, including office buildings, hotels, retail environments, and facilities.

commercial HVAC services San Jose CA, air condtioning repair nearby San Jose
Carrier air conditioning repair and maintenance
Commercial HVAC Fremont CA

Repair, Installation & Maintenance


We provide service for all components used in many types of heating systems. We have the ability to handle large jobs for any kind of commercial HVAC services San Jose CA.

Three Levels of Response

Emergency refrigeration repair
24/7 ~ 365 days a year

Emergency Service

Emergency Service is defined as a major failure of your HVAC or Refrigeration systems. We offer a 24/7 call service and can be on-site in most emergency service requests within a 4-hour window.

commercial air conditioning rooftop unit maintenance
Same-Day or 24-Hour Period

Routine Service

Routine Service is defined as all unplanned repair services other than Emergency Service. Routine Service requests are generally answered within the same day or 24-hour period.

Scheduled Bi-Annual, Tri-Annual or Quarterly

Planned Maintenance Service

We provide a Planned Maintenance Service program to our customers at competitive rates. These contracts involve our service team visiting your site and performing a thorough inspection of your equipment. 

We’re Experts in All

Commercial HVAC Services San Jose CA

Keeping your equipment in excellent running condition not only protects your investment, but also maintains your system performance. R&R Refrigeration offers Maintenance and Repair services for the full spectrum of comfort and process systems. And because we service the Greater San Francisco Bay Area from Marin to Monterey, we are everywhere you need us to be. Our technicians are capable of providing an in-depth evaluation of your HVAC and Refrigeration equipment, your maintenance requirements and your operating strategies.

Then, if needed, we can service, retrofit or replace equipment in order to improve and enhance your systems. Our analysis and feedback can help you make strategic management decisions, avoid unexpected equipment downtime and ensure your system is always operating as efficiently as possible. For an added layer of protection, commercial refrigeration monitoring systems closely track critical conditions and immediately alert you if there is a problem. All of this helps you, our client, achieve bottom-line savings.

At R&R Refrigeration, our team of skilled technicians are on call 24/7/365! We start up, service and repair all brands of HVAC and Refrigeration equipment, and we have built a stellar reputation for doing it right the first time. Whether you’re interested in regular HVAC/R maintenance, equipment upgrades or refurbishment, or a complete energy-saving Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Heating, or Refrigeration system replacement, we can help.

Despite our name, R&R Refrigeration and Air Conditioning’s expertise extends far beyond commercial and industrial cooling products. We have the resources to service your entire facility from chillers to small rooftop units, cooling towers, heat pumps, and control systems, just to name a few – and we service all brands.

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