3 Common Questions That Indicate it’s Time for Commercial Freezer Repairs

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As a business owner relying on cold food storage, nothing is more frustrating than dealing with unreliable, noisy, or short-cycling freezers. These issues typically indicate that your commercial freezer is no longer in top condition. Without addressing these problems quickly, your inventory and business can begin to suffer.


3 Common Freezer Questions That Indicate it’s Time for Commercial Freezer Repairs

Here are 3 common questions you’re likely to have if your freezer is acting-up and what to do about them. Read the following before doing commercial freezer repairs.


1. How do I stop my freezer from icing up?


There are times when you experience an overabundance of frost in your freezer. If this problem occurs, you may need to repair or replace the defrost heater. This problem can be related to several changeable conditions.


First, the cause of frost accumulation can be as simple as the door not being closed properly. Make sure the freezer door is always closed. Second, the freezing temperature may be too low. Make sure the freezer temperature is around 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius) and the refrigerator temperature is around 37 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius). Finally, freezing at the back of the freezer could be caused by problems with the defrost cycle. Further troubleshooting is required to identify the underlying problem and make the necessary repairs.


2. Why is my freezer leaking water on the floor?


It’s normal for a small amount of water to seep into the bottom of the freezer. This happens during the defrosting process when your freezer needs to be thawed and cleaned. Water leaks can also be caused by ice that has fallen out of the freezer or from excess moisture on foods as they are placed in or removed from the unit.


There are several things that you can do when you are facing this problem. If the problem is with the freezer itself, check to see if there is an excessive amount of frost forming on the evaporator coils or if water isn’t evaporating in the condensation pan. Some parts may need to be repaired or replaced.



3. How do I stop my freezer from making noise?


Noise made by your commercial freezer can be caused by a number of different things. Second, the unit will make a hissing, air release sound as it does through a defrost cycle. Third, gargling occurs when water drains from the evaporator coil. Finally, vibration noises are generated when the multi-speed fan reaches high speeds. If you hear an unusual sound other than the ones described above, there is a problem with some parts of the freezer. It is important to call for a professional inspection and you may need commercial refrigeration repair.

Wrapping Up


Commercial refrigeration systems should be inspected and maintained to ensure they are in good condition. As noted above, be aware of common commercial freezing issues such as water leaks, frost build-up, and unusual noises, and be sure to follow the valuable tips outlined above. Just remember that ultimately, the condition of your commercial freezer can have a negative impact on your business.


Are you experiencing problems with your commercial refrigeration equipment? Do you need commercial freezer repair service? Get in touch with our experts today! We offer refrigeration maintenance services to restaurants, convenience stores, bakeries, local grocery stores, and many other commercial properties around San Jose, CA.


2 thoughts on “3 Common Questions That Indicate it’s Time for Commercial Freezer Repairs”

  1. It got my attention when you said that some parts of the freezer must have problems when you hear an unusual sound from your commercial freezer. With this in mind, I would assume that restaurant owners must hire a professional repairer once they hear bothering sounds from their commercial refrigeration units. I could imagine how a malfunctioning unit could spoil food items easily and therefore cause financial losses.

  2. It really helped when you mentioned faulty freezers and what to do if ours is leaking water. My dad has a commercial freezer where he stores his hunt game, but it looks like something happened to it, and everything’s melting down, so I’ll call him now and suggest he hires an expert for the job. Thank you for the tips on knowing when it’s time to replace one of your freezer’s parts.

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