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4 Common Heating Myths That Can Be Costing You Money

Heating Myths

As we get deeper into wintertime, having a functional heater is crucial. Have you ever thought to yourself if your increasing energy bill is normal? Or when was the last time you had your HVAC system inspected or cleaned? Read through these heating myths and discover why routine maintenance is important to your system and wallet.

  1. HEATING MYTH: Pump up the heat to get a warmer office faster.

To be clear, central heating systems work at a steady pace. More often, it is forgotten that the thermostat is set to a higher than desirable temperature. This leads to a too warm for comfort workplace and a hefty energy bill.


  1. HEATING MYTH: Change out the filter once a year.

Air filters capture and remove pollen, bacteria, dust, and mold from recirculating in the air. Dirty filters can lead to an increase of odors, mold growth, a trigger of allergies, and an increase of illness rates in tenants. In addition to a decrease in air quality, dirty filters can cause your equipment to work harder for the same results.

For commercial and office buildings, replace filters about every two months. Not all properties are structured the same and other factors can affect the life of an air filter. Consult a commercial HVAC specialist to get an accurate estimate.

  1. HEATING MYTH: Rising costs in heating is normal.

If you notice an increase in your utility bill with no justified reason, do not ignore it. There can be many reasons why your bill is getting higher. Here is a shortlist of common reasons:

Damaged Ducts: You can lose heat if there are leaks in your ducts. This can cause your system to work longer and harder just to maintain a constant temperature.

Poor Insulation: Poor insulation can be caused by many different things. From pests to leaks, your insulation may need replacement. Did you know that 25% of heat is lost through windows and drafts? Consider air sealing.


  1. HEATING MYTH: Routine maintenance can be missed occasionally.

We all know how crucial a furnace is during the wintertime. Besides the obvious reason of preventing costly repairs, routine maintenance is necessary to extend the life of your equipment. Just like new cars, manufactures require proof of scheduled maintenance for warranty protection.

Not convinced? During routine maintenance, HVAC technicians check for carbon monoxide. Left unchecked, this silent killer can leak from damaged heat exchangers.


Are you experiencing problems with your commercial HVAC equipment? Do you remember when your last routine checkup for your furnace was? Get in touch with our experts today! We offer routine maintenance HVAC services to warehouses, multi-family, HOA, and many other commercial properties around San Jose and the Bay Area.

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