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grocery store refrigerator

How to Rearrange Your Grocery Store Refrigerator

Your Grocery Store Refrigerator

The supermarket industry has evolved over the past few decades, especially since technology slowly made its way to each aspect of our lives. The routine and behavior surrounding food procurement continue to shift, but grocery stores remain an essential part of the supermarket industry.

Whether people visit grocery stores directly or opt for online deliveries, the cold temperatures need to be maintained to ensure food quality and safety. Unfortunately, refrigeration space in grocery stores remains limited, so as a grocery store owner, you need to consider where you should place your coolers.

Regardless of if you’re redesigning your grocery store or building a new one, here is a step-by-step guide to successfully placing your grocery store refrigerators:

Step #1: Identify the products you wish to sell and categorize them accordingly

Before proceeding to find a space for your refrigerator, you must first come with a sketch of how your products should be displayed. To successfully understand how your items should be placed, consider these three categories:

  • Essentials: The essentials pertain to food that people use in their everyday food preparations, which include eggs, milk, cheese, and butter. As essential items, these are generally placed at the back of the store. To find them, customers need to walk through the store. As a result, their journey to the essentials causes them to look at other products that end up in their carts.
  • Non-essentials: The non-essential items are usually composed of food people don’t always need, such as alcoholic beverages and ice cream. Since they aren’t part of people’s priority lists, they should be placed in high-traffic areas, such as the end row of displays along with essentials or at the center of the store.
  • Produce: Produce items are those that easily perish, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Due to their vibrant colors, they are best displayed at the entrance of your store. As soon as a customer walks in, they’ll be greeted with colors that can attract them to buy.

Step #2: Use all the vertical spaces available

Using taller grocery store refrigerators will be more valuable than using waist-high refrigerators for several reasons. First, a taller refrigerator can hold more supplies in a vertical space, leaving you with more floor space to spare. Second, it will attract the eyes of your customers more easily.

To maximize the use of vertical space, make sure to place the top-selling and important items centered and at eye level. That way, they are easily accessible and attractive to customers, enticing them to buy. The items that fewer customers seek or otherwise take up a huge amount of space can be placed on the less accessible spaces, such as at the bottom or at the corners of the refrigerator display.

Step #3: Ensure that there is enough space behind the refrigerator

The space behind your grocery store refrigerator should be enough to accommodate your staff and a few supplies in case it needs maintenance, so you should also consider this before you lock in on a location.


The supermarket industry remains to be one of the most important aspects of our society. Food is essential for survival, which is why regardless of the times, grocery stores will remain booming businesses.

To further increase your sales, however, certain developments need to happen. The best way to start is through your grocery store refrigerator, as it is one of the essential parts of your business. It keeps food fresh, healthy, and safe to consume, which is all an individual needs to become a loyal customer.

If you find yourself in need of a grocery store refrigeration repair service in San Jose, CA, our team at R&R Refrigeration is the team to call!

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