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R&R Refrigeration is considered an essential business and will remain open to support your business needs. We want to assure you we are taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our customers and employees.

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Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration & HVAC
Servicing the Greater Bay Area

Our Services

We Provide Installation, Repair, and Scheduled Maintenance For All HVAC/Refrigeration Systems & Components

refrigeration services


We service all commercial refrigeration components, including walk-in and reach-in units used in food service and grocery businesses. We also service specialty refrigeration components such as units used in transportation and for ultra-low temperatures (cryogenic refrigeration).

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air conditioning services

Air Conditioning

We are specialists in the environmental needs of large buildings and facilities. We can service all air conditioning components used in commercial and industrial businesses, including office buildings, hotels, retail environments and industrial facilities.

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ice machine services

Ice Machines

We have years of experience working with large ice machines that are used in various kinds of food service businesses, as well as industrial-sized ice makers.

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chiller services


We provide maintenance and repairs on all types of chillers that are used in air conditioning systems and industrial facilities. We also service refrigerants and components used in chillers.

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heating services


We provide service for all components used in many types of heating systems. We have the ability to handle large jobs for any kind of commercial or industrial business.

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hvac-r controls services


We provide service on all kinds of controls used in commercial and industrial refrigeration, heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. We can service very simple controls all the way up to extremely complex systems found in large facilities.

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fabrication construction services

Fabrication & Construction

We can construct and fabricate custom solutions for any kind of facility imaginable. From walk-in freezers and coolers to custom duct work all the way to large, specialized industrial HVAC/Refrigeration systems, we’ve done it all!

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We Serve Businesses of All Sizes and Types

grocery and food service market hvac and refrigeration services

Grocery & Food Service

   Markets & Grocery Stores
  Cafes & Restaurants
   Convenience Stores
   Commercial Kitchens

school college university hvac and refrigeration services

Schools, Colleges & Universities

   Classrooms & Offices
   Gyms, Auditoriums & Lecture Halls
   Food Service

hospital healthcare hvac refrigeration services

Hospitals & Healthcare

   Rooms & Offices
   Common Areas
   Food Service
  Filtration & Ventilation

science technology hvac and refrigeration services

Science & Technology

   Cryogenic Refirgeration
  Clean Rooms
   Data Centers
   Labs, Workshops and R&D

hvac and refrigeration office building services

Office Buildings

   Rooms & Offices
   Common Areas
   Food Service

hotel hvac and refrigeration services


   Kitchens & Foodservice
   Rooms & Offices
   Auditoriums & Ballrooms

industrial & specialty hvac and refrigeration services

Industrial & Specialty

   Power Plants
   Transportation Refrigeration

agriculture greenhouse hvac and refrigeration services

Agriculture & Greenhouses

 Temperature & Humidity Control
 Ventilation Control
   HVAC & Refrigeration

wine industry hvac and refrigeration services

Wine Industry

   Storage & Cellaring
   Specialty Refrigeration


Brands We Work On

Air Conditioning & Heating

day & night

Refrigeration & Freezing

beverage air
master bilt
ice o matic

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R&R Refrigeration is a mechanical contractor that provides complete environmental technology solutions for the full spectrum of HVAC & Refrigeration service and construction needs.

We serve all communities in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, including the Peninsula, South Bay, East Bay, Santa Cruz, the City, and Monterey/Carmel/Salinas.

Major cities include San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Cruz, Salinas and everything in between.