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Commercial HVAC System

Commercial HVAC System Components

There are several parts to the commercial HVAC system. Together, they all contribute to the system’s overall performance. The entire system will not be far behind if one of the parts fails. But only one component receives the majority of the attention. That component is the compressor, as you would have guessed.


The compressor does the bulk of the HVAC’s job and is undoubtedly its “heart.” However, we advise you to keep in mind that many system issues don’t start with the compressor. Early compressor failure frequently indicates another problem that has gone undetected.

Commercial HVAC System Main Components

Here are some essential components to note when having a commercial HVAC installation:


Duct System


The duct system itself won’t likely be mentioned on a list of HVAC components in many articles. Ducts may be quite ancient and perhaps predate the HVAC system that is now in use. However, they should not be disregarded as they transport air throughout your structure, making them a crucial component of system function.


Your ductwork must be clear and undamaged for the rest of your HVAC system to function.


Older buildings may have small ducts susceptible to clogging since they don’t meet current HVAC regulations. You may help increase the service life of other components by having the ducts cleaned once a year. Remember to clean or change filters as directed by the manufacturer for the filter you are using.




A compressor is essential to the cooling cycle and initiates the primary “loop” that allows you to control temperatures. The refrigerant is compressed, which raises its temperature. The refrigerant is subsequently sent to the condenser, where the cooling process may begin.




The condenser is the heat exchanger on the air conditioning unit’s hot side. It takes heat from the structure and sends it to the outside. The gas refrigerant is subsequently converted to liquid refrigerant. A heat pump can also have a condenser that collects heat from the outside air.


Air Handler


The air handler is in charge of moving air throughout the system. In most buildings, it is directly linked to the ductwork. It circulates cooled or heated air around the structure before returning it to the system. It consists of a blower, heating and cooling components, and several additional pieces of equipment.


The evaporator coil is the most likely component of the air handler to require maintenance or replacement. The evaporator coil receives cooled refrigerant from the compressor. Heat is removed from the air in the treated region when air from the blower fan flows over the coil.


Thermal Expansion Valve


The expansion valve is a critical component of the condenser’s operation. It relieves pressure from the liquid refrigerant, allowing it to expand and change from a liquid to a vapor. The expansion valve regulates the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator coil.


Because high-pressure liquid refrigerant is quite heated as it reaches the expansion valve for the first time, a precision valve enhances overall system efficiency. The thermal expansion valve can be fitted in front of the evaporator coil or brazed into the copper lines that connect to the air handler.


Thermal Units


Terminal units consist of an air filter, a coil, and a blower. The size varies greatly. Mid-sized rooftop units (RTUs) are the most prevalent terminal units in a commercial HVAC system, as opposed to the make-up air units (MTUs). They may be used to regulate the temperature of a single room.


Conclusion: Commercial HVAC System Main Components


There are several crucial components in a commercial HVAC system. The best way to avoid a significant overhaul is through routine maintenance of these parts. A skilled HVAC maintenance professional can assist you with updates and repairs to significantly decrease the chances of needing a major overhaul.


Are you looking to install a commercial HVAC system in the US? R&R Refrigeration and Air Conditioning are specialists in air conditioning and heating services. Give us a call to learn more!

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