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Chiller Overview

R&R does not only service chiller systems. We provide a full installation - from estimating to the installation and removal of an existing system. R&R has been in the business since 1958 and our expertise in fit and finish will meet your expectations.


  • Check to make sure pumps are operating and that no product is blocking evaporator/condenser fans.
  • Keep a daily log of temperatures.
  • Clean supply hoses when needed.
  • Adding floating balls can confirm that water is being circulated in the tank.

How Can We Help?

Chiller Replacements

 We can replace your aging chiller with a modern, energy-efficient model.

Installation & Fabrication

Parts & Components

With relationships with all major manufacturers, we can get any parts for your chiller system.

Service & Maintenance

Equipment Overhauls & Upgrades

We can provide component upgrades that will provide better performance while reducing your energy costs.

We are R290/448/449A certified, warranty authorized, and able to make your repairs as painless as possible.

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Preventative Maintenance Services

Maintenance programs help reduce emergency service calls and keep your equipment running best; they are a way to get eyes on your equipment when you are just too busy. We recommend that you service your reach-in equipment at least twice a year. Our goal is to find and repair small issues before they become major problems, resulting in emergency service calls, lost inventory, and lost revenue.

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