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Repairing or Replacing Walk-in Coolers

A walk-in cooler is a critical component in any restaurant kitchen. Your inventory depends on it, and so does your customer service. Physical problems with your walk-in can start out small and develop quickly.

When you notice some issues with your walk-in cooler, it’s crucial to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible. The decisions you make about maintaining or replacing your cooler can cost you time and money, but they can also save you even more trouble in the future.

Naturally, you want to maintain business continuity without spending more than necessary on your cooling equipment. A faulty component should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible to prevent damage to other components and avoid more losses.

Repairing or Replacing Your Walk-in Cooler?

Here’s a list of factors to consider, so you can determine if you should repair or replace your current walk-in cooler:

  1. Your Cooler’s Age

The age of the walk-in cooler can impact a decision to repair or replace it. An eight-year-old unit may be running smoothly, but if the previous owner had a problem with the same model and it’s been repaired multiple times, it might be time to look for a replacement.

On the other hand, a walk-in cooler that’s less than eight years old may be repaired more cost-effectively than replaced. Repairing a unit with a repairable problem will keep it running longer and, of course, save you money on the purchase of a new unit.

  1. An Increase in Energy Usage

If your walk-in cooler’s energy usage has increased, it’s likely there’s a problem. The most likely cause of the increased energy usage is a malfunctioning component.

When a component is not operating as it should, it can decrease your freezer’s capacity and slow down the overall cooling process. Walk-in coolers are heavy on the energy side, so any changes should be monitored closely to avoid money loss.

  1. Whether or Not You Perform Regular Maintenance

It’s important to schedule regular maintenance on your walk-in cooler, especially if you have an older model. Your equipment is operating optimally if you’re able to maintain efficiency and avoid issues.

A comprehensive maintenance checklist will help you to monitor safety, air quality, and temperature levels. This includes everything from keeping your coolant levels up to removing any food that has spoiled.

If you aren’t consistent with your maintenance checks, your cooler might not be in the best shape. Left unchecked, it may need more than just a repair job.

  1. Temperature Issues

If you’ve noticed a sudden temperature change in your walk-in cooler, it’s likely that something has gone wrong with your unit. A faulty component can cause a drop in temperature, which can lead to other problems.

To avoid further damage, you should always contact a professional. A skilled technician can identify the problem and make the necessary repairs to get your unit back up to speed.

Conclusion: Walk-In Cooler Maintenance

Regular maintenance and educated staff are essential for keeping your walk-in coolers up and running. If you detect a problem, you should call a professional immediately. Whether you choose to replace or repair your cooler, you will be able to guarantee that your restaurant will be able to maintain quality food and service.

Come to us for all your Walk-in Coolers maintenance needs. We service all kinds of refrigeration brands, so you know your cooler’s safe with us! Give us a call for planning, routine, or emergency refrigeration services in California that will keep your cooler in perfect condition.

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